Advanced Handgun

      This is a 30 hour advanced level training course delivered over 3 consecutive days. It will provide the students with an opportunity to utilize the skills learned in our Intermediate Handgun course as they apply to real world situations through practical range exercises, scenarios, and force on force simulations.


Shooting while Moving
Managing Multiple Threats
Proper use of the Force Continuum
Utilization of Cover and Concealment
Application of Disarming and Retention Techniques
Scenario Based Simulations with Force on Force Training


Intermediate Handgun


One or more reliable handgun(s) and holster
At least three magazines and belt carriers
At least 1000 rounds of quality ammunition
Ear and eye protection
Loose-fitting long sleeve shirt or jacket
Groin protection
Shooting gloves

We will provide

Simulation firearms and all simulation marking rounds
Protective equipment for simulation training

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