Glock Maintenance Course

      This course is designed to provide the Glock enthusiast with information and hands-on training for the proper usage, maintenance, and troubleshooting of the Glock pistol.
      Students are expected to bring a Glock pistol with magazine, cleaning supplies, and safety glasses. If you do not yet own a Glock pistol, you are still welcome to attend the class. We have a limited number of pistols available on a first come - first serve basis.
      This course will last approximately 8 hours, depending upon the number of students.


Proper Pistol Operation
Field and Detail Stripping
Factory Upgrades
Magazine Disassembly
Preventative Maintenance
Theory of Operation
Assembly and Safety Testing
Sight Replacement
Cleaning and Lubrication
Diagnosing Common Problems

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Note: This course will be taught by Glock Certified Armorers, however, this course is not sponsored by Glock, Inc. You will not become a Glock Certified Armorer by attending this course. This course is for informational purposes only.

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