Intermediate Handgun

      This is a 30 hour defensive handgun / personal protection course delivered over 3 consecutive days. Students will learn material from the listed topics through classroom lecture and participation in practical exercises.
      This course is recognized by a number of states for their respective concealed handgun permits and FOID cards.


Conflict Avoidance
Color Codes of Awareness
Identifying Cover and Concealment
Force Continuum/Ladder/Wheel
Boyd's (OODA) Loop
Legalities of Force
Equipment - Holsters, Mag Carriers, etc...
Basic Disarming and Retention Techniques
Drawing from a Concealment Holster
Reloading and Recovering
Tactical Movement / Slicing the Pie
Flashlight Techniques
Shooting in Subdued Light
Responding to Malfunctions and Stoppages
Shooting while Moving
Engaging Multiple Threats
Ballistic Wounding
Close Quarter Fighting


      Please note this is NOT a marksmanship course. There simply isn't enough time allotted to cover all of the required course material and provide basic marksmanship instruction. All students must have successfully completed our Introductory Handgun course, a DCJS or POST approved law enforcement course, an NRA Basic Pistol course, or have a commensurate knowledge and skill level.


One or more reliable handgun(s) and holster
At least three magazines and belt carriers
At least 1200 rounds of quality ammunition
Handheld Flashlight
Ear and eye protection

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