N.R.A. Training Courses

We are also able to provide any of the following training courses at your facility. Please inquire for travel rates and scheduling.
Law Enforcement/Military/Security Courses
Patrol Rifle
Precision Rifle
Tactical Shotgun
Tactical Shooting (Patrol Rifle and Handgun)

Please contact us for course availability and scheduling.

Civilian Courses
Basic and Instructor Level

Basic Instructor Training
FIRST Steps Pistol
Basic Pistol
Muzzle Loading Pistol
FIRST Steps Rifle
Basic Rifle
Muzzle Loading Rifle
FIRST Steps Shotgun
Basic Shotgun
Muzzle Loading Shotgun
Home Firearms Safety
Reloading Shotgun Shells
Reloading Metallic Cartridges
Personal Protection in the Home
Personal Protection Outside the Home
Defensive Pistol
Refuse to be a Victim
Range Safety Officer
Chief Range Safety Officer
Training Counselor Training

Please contact us for course availability and scheduling.

N.R.A. Membership

We at Defensive Training Concepts, Inc. recognize the significance of the National Rifle Association and the importance of a strong membership.
If you are not currently an NRA member, please consider joining. If you are already an NRA member, please consider renewing your membership.
"If we do not hang together, surely we will all hang separately!"
~ Benjamin Franklin