Patrol Rifle / Carbine

      Patrol Rifle / Carbine is a 22 hour course designed to increase the operator's ability, knowledge, and effectiveness in deployment with the patrol rifle or "carbine". Students will learn material from the listed topics below through participation in classroom discussion and live fire practical exercises.


Patrol Rifle Parts and Nomenclature
Patrol Rifle Handling Fundamentals
Patrol Rifle Marksmanship Fundamentals
Field Strip and Reassemble
Using the Sling
Trigger Control
Loading and Unloading
Tactical Reloading
Loading to Cruiser Safe
Finding Mechanical Zero
50 Yard Zero
Immediate Action / Feedway Clearance
Position Shooting (standing, kneeling, sitting, squatting, and prone)
Identifying and the Tactical use of Cover
Safety Circle
Down and Scan
Verbal Commands
Challenge Commands
Flash Sight Picture
Weapon Transition
Reactionary Gap
Shoot and Move
Shooting on the Move
Pivots and Turns
Moving Threats
Multiple Threats
Decision Making (shoot / no shoot)
Transition to and Support Side Shooting
Incapacitation Drills
Contact Distance Shoot and Evade
Body Armor Drills
Flashlight Techniques
Blinding Drill


Semi-auto rifle with sling (AR, AK, H&K, FN, or similar platform)
No optics for zeroing exercises
Rifle must be capable of holding at least 20 cartridges
1200 rounds of rifle ammunition
At least 3 30 round or 5 20 round rifle magazines
Handgun with extra magazines
100 rounds of handgun ammunition
Holster for handgun and belt carriers for magazines
Eye and ear protection / Baseball style cap
Cleaning equipment - Rifles will be cleaned daily
Handheld Flashlight
Clothing suitable for an extended period on a firing range

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