Precision Rifle

      This course was designed to increase the operator's ability, knowledge, and effectiveness in deployment of the precision (scoped) rifle.
      Classroom presentations cover long range rifle marksmanship fundamentals, tactical rifle handling, long range rifle shooting positions, zeroing, use of cover and concealment, ammunition and equipment, use of trajectory charts and rifle data books, range estimation, and reduced light training.
      Range work will include zeroing, position work, precision single shots, cold-bore shots, rapid loading and firing, various supported firing positions, multiple targets, angle firing, reduced light firing, firing from cover, handgun transition, threat identification, and decision making.
      Precision Rifle is a 22 hour course delivered over 2 consecutive days.


Bolt or semi-auto rifle with optics, sling, and optional bipod
Rifle must be capable of 1.5 MOA groups
Rifle must be capable of holding at least 5 cartridges
200 rounds of rifle ammunition
Handgun with extra magazines
100 rounds of handgun ammunition
Holster for handgun and belt carriers for magazines
Eye and ear protection / Baseball style cap
Cleaning equipment - Rifles will be cleaned often

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