Defensive / Tactical Shotgun

      The shotgun is one of the most powerful, versitile, and underutilized tools available to law enforcement officers and citizens alike.
      This course begins in the classroom with a focus on both the pump and semi-automatic shotguns, ammunition, pattern zones, combat firing techniques, and the shotgun as a multi-purpose (lethal / less lethal) launching platform.
      Range work includes determining the shotgun's pattern, firing on the move, multiple threats, decision making, select loading, speed reloading techniques, transitioning to the handgun, one-hand malfunction clearing, identifying threats, shooting in subdued light, and more.
      Defensive Shotgun is a 20 hour course delivered over 2 consecutive days. Attend this course and gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence to properly and effectively utilize this most versatile of firearms.


Introductory or other suitable Basic Pistol Course


Pump or semiautomatic shotgun with sling
500 bird shot, 100 #00 buck, and 50 slug rounds
Reliable handgun and holster
At least three magazines and belt carriers for handgun
At least 100 rounds of quality ammunition for handgun
Ear and eye protection

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